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More Sustainable Travel Offerings

There are many ways to approach travelling more sustainably: you can explore locally, stay in an accommodation with a third-party certification, rent an electric vehicle or choose a lower emission flight.


However someone chooses to travel, is committed to making it easier for travellers to book more sustainable trips.


Supporting Accommodation Partners

More than 1.4 million properties have shared their sustainability information with us, including 16,500+ accommodations with a third-party certification – something we're incredibly proud of.

We believe third-party certifications and eco-labels represent the highest standard in terms of recognition of an accommodation's efforts towards operating more sustainably. We currently display 65+ third-party certifications, based on criteria set out by the Travalyst coalition, and share information on the many efforts our accommodation partners are making: to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, to be more water, waste and energy efficient, and to support their local communities.

Collaborating with industry leaders

We work with leading organisations across the travel and tourism sectors, including the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the Travalyst Coalition.


To help accommodation partners on their sustainability journeys, we worked in collaboration with UN Tourism to launch a series of free digital courses on key sustainability topics in hospitality and tourism. If you would like to learn more about our accommodation partner education options, click here.


Alternative Transport Options

A trip is about more than just booking a flight and staying in a hotel, it's all the things that happen when you reach your destination – whether that's exploring the local culture, visiting historic sights or taking the family to a theme park. 


To help travellers find alternative modes of transport to get around, we made thousands of electric and hybrid vehicles easier to find on our car rental platform. Travellers can now more easily book electric and hybrid taxi options in 247 cities through our products, and can also select public transport options in more than 45 locations globally for in-trip travel – like taking the train from your hotel  to the airport.

Flight Emissions

There are thousands of incredible destinations to discover worldwide – from mindful retreats to bustling city breaks. If a traveller needs a flight to get there, we make it easier to understand that flight's emission footprint, tagging flights as either higher or lower than the typical CO2e emissions for that route.

How do we calculate these emissions? We utilise Google's Travel Impact Model, which considers multiple factors in the way it calculates emissions by estimating the amount of fuel burned on a given journey. The model was recently updated to include other greenhouse gases, not just carbon dioxide – giving travellers a better estimation of the total emissions for their flight.

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