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Operating sustainably and fostering a culture of sustainability

The climate crisis is accelerating and we know we must do even more to help protect our planet. That's why we're setting ourselves ambitious new targets to reduce our carbon emissions in operations to become net-zero (in total emissions) by 2040.

Making it easier for travellers to book more sustainable trips

As a leading digital travel company, our greatest opportunity for impact on the industry comes through our product. To truly decarbonise the travel sector, we must make it easy for travellers to make more sustainable choices every time they travel.

Collaborating to decarbonise the travel industry

We can't make travel more sustainable alone. It will take time and a collective effort from everyone in the industry. We're collaborating with peers to bring about our vision of a more sustainable travel sector

Global Emissions

Total Scope 3
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (tCO2e)

Booking Holdings

Total Scope 1, 2 & 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

276,308 (METRIC TONS CO2e)

Scope 1


Scope 2


Scope 3





Capital goods

Business travel & commuting

Purchased goods and services

Renewable Electricity

100% offices powered by renewable electricity*

*through the purchase of unbundled energy attribute

certificates (EACs) 


Image by Zuzanna Szczepańska

Waste Management

Waste comes in many forms, from food to furniture.


We have comprehensive waste-streaming systems implemented in more than 70% of our offices. Our waste-streaming approach is not just about separating recycling and non-recycling, we take a holistic view. Inside our offices, we're also focused on how we use and consume products – particularly single-use plastic products. We're committed to removing single-serving packaging from our offices and have already removed many single-use products.

Employee Engagement

We empower our employees to give back to the places that have given us so much through our employee volunteer programme.


Since the programme began in 2014, our teams have dedicated 200,000+ hours across 2,500 projects worldwide. 

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